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Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Edubooking system be installed and activated. 

Edubooking Students Information

Student Information add-on allows you to create multiple types of custom fields and get more info related to your students. These fields will appear at the Details step in a booking form, and students information will be added to the student profile.


  • Various question-types (text fields, drop-down lists, multiple choices, etc.);
  • Make custom fields required or optional;
  • Create as many questions as you need.

User Experience

If you want to extend a student profile with additional data about the students Information Add-on will give you this option. Create various types of custom fields with different questions and collect the required info right in the student’s section in Edubooking.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, and activate Students Information Add-on in Plugins.

2. In Edubooking menu > Appearance > Details tab, make sure that the box next to the ‘Show students information’ option is checked. This way, student information fields will be displayed in your booking form.

3. You’ll see a Students Information tab in the left sidebar menu in Edubooking menu. To add a custom field, select the type* of it, press + button and enter the question.

All custom fields can be rearranged just as you need by dragging the sandwich icon. These fields will appear on the Details step of the booking process, just below the personal info fields.

If you select the custom field to be a Required field, your students won’t be able to complete the booking before they answer your questions.

4. All info the client inputs in custom fields will be stored in the student’s section in Edubooking.

You can update this information by clicking on the Edit button.

*Custom fields types

  • Text field can be filled in by the students.
  • Text area – an element of the booking form interface, which you can place above or below the fields that students will have to fill out (or choose an option from).
  • Text content will be displayed as simple text.
  • Checkbox Group – students will be able to choose several options within a group of choices.
  • Radio Button Group is a list of elements with only one possible choice.
  • Drop Down – students will be able to choose one answer from the list.

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