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Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Edubooking system be installed and activated. 

Edubooking Recurring Courses Booking

Your students can now book a whole series of recurring courses weeks or months ahead, with this add-on to the plugin.

  • Enable or disable the option of having a recurring booking for each course.
  • Students can choose repeat intervals from daily to once in several months.
  • All courses are booked instantly.
  • If the selected time of the course is unavailable, the nearest open slot will be suggested.
  • Combined notifications for the entire series of bookings, payment in bulk, and sync with Outlook Calendar.
  • Recurring bookings can be made by students on the front-end or by admin via backend.

User Experience


  • Allow the service to have recurring course booking and set the frequency of repeat
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly repeat intervals
  • Time slots booked as close to preferred time as possible
  • Combined notifications for the series of bookings

Client Experience

Having chosen service and date & time of the first course, the user now gets the option to repeat the booking:

The time entered here will be used as the base time for all repeat courses. If for one of the scheduled recurrences the time slot is unavailable, the nearest time after the preferred time will be offered for that instance. 

If the student selected an instructor at the 1st step of booking, then all recurrences will be booked with the same instructor. If they kept the default ‘any’ instructor, then all of them’ calendars will be checked for each instance, thus increasing the chances that the preferred time slot will be booked for the entire series of courses. 

  • Daily — except selected instructors days off and, if ‘any’ instructor was chosen at step 1, days of the week when none of the instructors is working;
  • Weekly/biweekly;
  • Monthly — multiple options of choosing the right date within the month
    • Day of the month (e.g. on the 6th of each month)
    • Day of the week (e.g. Tuesday of the second week of every month).

2. Go to Edubooking menu > Settings > Recurring Courses. Choose one of the payment options:

  1. Pay for the first course — the rest will have to be paid upon arrival;
  2. Entire series.

The selected payment option will be presented as the only option for all users.

3. In Edubooking menu > Appearance, make sure that the box next to the ‘Show Repeat step’ is checked.

4. If you have Edubooking Group Booking add-on installed and activated, in Settings > Recurring courses > Group courses, choose whether your students can join group bookings when scheduling a series of recurring bookings.

Add a whole series of recurring courses from Calendar or courses in the admin area: create a new course and choose the recurrence pattern in the edit window.

Manage individual courses or the entire series from the admin area: view, edit, and cancel them as you would with standard courses.

Editing from the admin area
Edit each instance of recurring courses as usual: from calendar or list of courses. Admin can delete recurring courses one by one from admin area (and if needed recreate them with updated info).

Cancel courses one by one or all starting with the instance selected. To see and edit a series of recurring courses, click on the link icon in Edubooking Calendar.

Manual confirmation: if by default bookings are made with a ‘pending’ status, admin can approve or reject the entire series.

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