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Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Edubooking system be installed and activated. 

Edubooking Multiple Campus

Easily manage multiple locations of your business with the Locations add-on.

Manage multiple locations where you provide your services: associate employees with locations, let clients choose locations for their visits, manage courses for locations separately.

  • Locations – new campus to be chosen during the booking process
  • Seamlessly integrated into the booking process and admin area
  • Instructor associated with specific campus

A subtle change to the usual booking process and your students will be able to choose where they’d like to receive courses even before they pick a course category.

Purchase the add-on, install it and set it up in under 10 min in the new Locations tab that will be created in your dashboard.

User Experience


Once you’ve downloaded the add-on, you will see the new Locations tab in your Bookly sidebar menu.

Set up locations in that tab and tie employees to the locations.

Unlike categories (which have been used as a campus in some setups), the campus add-on allows you to keep different types of courses categorized into groups, have instructor migrate between campuses (for courses provided at home and grouped into locations by neighbourhood e.g.).

You can set custom course settings for an instructor for different locations.

1. In Settings > campus, enable the setting of Custom settings for the campus. If enabled, you won’t be able to remove campus field from the booking form (Appearance > courses tab).

2. Navigate to instructors > courses tab. Select a particular campus from the drop-down menu and then select ‘Use custom settings’. You’ll be offered to choose a course (and change their pricing) which will be provided by the instructor on that particular campus.


In instructors > Schedule tab, you’ll be able to set custom working time for an instructor in the different campus.

You can filter courses by location in Edubooking Calendar.

If you want to see the campus info in your Edubooking Calendar, insert the {location_name} code into the record template in Settings > Calendar.

To display the campus in notifications, add the {location_name} and/or {location_info} code to the notification template.



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