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Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Edubooking system be installed and activated. 

Edubooking Custom Invoices

Edubooking Invoices add-on allows you to automatically issue invoices to your students upon ordered courses. Send a payment request when students are booked, approved, or received, and get paid within a specified period. Take advantage of the automatic online invoicing and let your clients pay for your services quickly and easily.


  • Generate invoices automatically or manually;
  • Personalize an invoice template to meet your branding;
  • Specify the data to be included in the invoice;
  • Send invoices via email or notifications;
  • View, filter and download generated invoices as PDF documents.

You can create and send fully customizable invoices to your students by email notifications. All sent invoices are available for viewing, filtering and downloading in PDF format in Edubooking Payments reports.


1. Purchase, and activate Invoices add-on in Plugins.

2. Go to Edubooking menu > Settings > Invoices. In the Invoice due days field, specify the number of days to submit payment.

Please note that “Make address field mandatory” in Settings > Students and “Show address field” in Appearance > Details tab will be activated automatically in order to get the client address during the booking.


Customize your invoice template

The appearance of your invoice is fully-customizable to align with your business style and branding.

In Edubooking menu > Settings > Invoice template, you can upload images for document header/footer and change the wording of each underlined text. Click Preview to see the result.

Invoice generation

All invoices will be generated automatically based on the courses and payment details. Invoices will be attached to the selected notifications as PDF documents.

You can choose when to send a payment request to the student:

  • the moment a new booking is made;
  • when the status of the booking has been changed (for example, to ‘approved’);
  • after the courses in a follow-up message to the student (type – course reminder);

To do this, go to Edubooking menu > Email Notifications and tick the box Attach invoice in the relevant notification template(s).

Click Save to save changes.


View and download invoices in Payment reports

You can view invoices history in Edubooking menu > Payments. When you click on Invoice button on the right, the selected Invoice will be downloaded as a PDF document and can be manually reset to the student if necessary.

Click on Download Invoices button to download a zip file with all invoices.


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