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Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Edubooking system be installed and activated. 

Edubooking Flexible Duration

Edubooking  Custom Duration add-on enables your students to decide for how long they want to book a course. Should they prefer a continued meeting with you or reserve a conference room beyond the default service duration – let them make the choice!

Create a course with flexible duration and your students will be able to select the length of their booking at the first step. The price will be calculated accordingly.

User Experience

Custom Duration add-on for Edubooking allows you to create services with flexible duration. While booking a course, your students will be able to choose its length from the predefined options, and the price will be adjusted respectively.

Setup and configuration

1. Purchase, and activate add-on in Plugins.

2. In Edubooking menu > Appearance > Service step, сheck Show course price next to duration if you want to display the cost for each duration option in your booking form.

3. Go to courses, pick up service, click >  tab and select Custom from the Duration drop-down. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see additional fields below to be configured.

Unit duration – the length of a single time step. Available options for the unit duration depend on the time slot length (configured in Settings > General).

Minimum units – minimum quantity of time steps.

Maximum units – the maximum quantity of time steps.

In the Unit price field specify the cost of one unit, so the total cost of the course will increase linearly with the increase of its duration.


Service Massage
Unit duration 30 min
Unit price $50
Minimum units 2
Maximum units  5

You’ll get the following configuration:

1h = $100

1h 30min = $150

2h = $200

2h 30min = $250

4. If you change the price of a time-flexible service in instructor > Services tab, you should specify the Unit price.

Important: Edubooking Custom Duration add-on is not compatible with Packages add-onCompound students add-on and Collaborative Services add-on.

Custom Duration add-on & Special Hours add-on

If you use both add-ons and set a different price with the Special Hours add-on, then the price of the first booked hour will be taken into account.


08:00 to 15:00 – $10

16:00 to 19:00 – $15

If the student schedules course for 15:00-17:00, the total price will be $20. 


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